October 9th-11th 2014 – Naked Wagon @ Beirut Bodies in Public

Beirut: Bodies in Public
:a three-day workshop inviting artists and researchers to respond to the interdisciplinary concerns surrounding performance in public space in Beirut. The workshop is free to attend, and open to all.

It incorporates research papers, discussions, performances, exhibited works and live interventions in and around open spaces in the city, as a means of enquiry and debate into the role of embodied practices in Beirut’s precarious public sites. Our seed-funded artist-in-residence project, Naked Wagon, will function as a mobile hub for discussion and encounter, and the artists will produce an original live performance in response to the conference experience, to take place on the final day.

Location: American University of Beirut (Beirut, Lebanon) and other locations in the city

The workshop takes place in association with Performance Philosophy, an international, independent research network. It is supported by King’s College London and the American University of Beirut.


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